Self-Care and Grieving

During grieving, it is common to need breaks from daily routines and responsibilities.  It’s necessary to take a break and to take care of yourself.  This in no way dishonors the seriousness of our concerns and the memories of our loved one.  Consider some of these ways to take a break from your daily life if only for a few moments.

Lie in the sun streaming through your windows or in your back yard; breathe in the sun.

Take a warm bath using your favorite scents, and burn aromatherapy candles. It’s invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

Buy yourself a gift—and have the clerk gift wrap it. Choose the prettiest paper and bow. Celebrate fond memories.

Wrap up in a warm blanket. Put on relaxation tapes and sip your favorite tea or hot chocolate.
Find a rocking chair and rock your troubles away.

Play music that matches your mood or shares your experience.

Make a fire in the fireplace.  Stare into the fire with your favorite soft music playing.

Breathe—really breathe! Take deep breaths in through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth.
Try gentle exercise like yoga, tai chi, or walking.

Get in the swimming pool and float on your back.  Watch the clouds drift.

Spend some time in nature; go for a hike; or find a quiet place to sit and watch the wildlife.

Escape for a while to a favorite or peaceful place.

Create something; draw or color your feelings or mood.

Find a comfortable place to read a good book and read for as long as you want.