Do You Qualify?

Are you or your loved one eligible for Arizona’s Long Term Care System (ALTCS)? If so, our In Home Support Services may be available to you at no cost. Medicare and Medicaid plans only reimburse you or your loved one for part-time, intermittent visits from a nurse on temporary visits and only with a specific medical diagnosis.

Quite often, clients need more ongoing services instead of temporary care to ensure recovery or increased independence. Soreo proudly serves Medicare and Medicaid recipients who have applied and are determined eligible for ALTCS.

What is ALTCS?

ALTCS is the State of Arizona’s Medicaid program that provides long term care services. Financially and medically eligible Arizona residents who are aged, blind, disabled or have a developmental disability are eligible for long term care services at little to no cost.

How do I apply to ALTCS?

To apply to ALTCS, you or your loved one need to complete an application. Contact your local ALTCS Office.

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How do I apply to ALTCS?

Eligibility for ALTCS is based on financial, medical and other requirements. You or your loved one will need to provide documents proving fulfilment of these requirements during the application process.

Non-financial eligibility requirements:

  • The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) must determine you are in need of nursing home level of care
  • Be a citizen or legal permanent resident
  • Be an Arizona resident
  • Live in an approved living arrangement (i.e.; home, nursing or assisted living facility)
  • Apply for all benefits available (i.e.; pensions or VA benefits)

How is my medical eligibility determined?

    After the financial eligibility of you or your loved one is established, a registered nurse or social worker will conduct an interview in-person. The interview will determine you or your loved one’s risk of institutionalization in a nursing or an intermediate care facility. You or your loved one must require this level of care, but are not required to live in such a facility.

If you have additional questions, contact your local ALTCS office.

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